Japanese valentine choco, cake and love

Happy valentine day! Today my wife has presented me a valentine chocolate cake. Japanese tradition to present chocolate in the valentine day. My daughter and son both have said – “Nobody gives me chocolate, does it mean we don’t have boy friend and girl friend?” We have said – “No, you have! We are your boy friend and girl friend!…” They become happy after explaining.

I do not agree with the mainstream definition of love! General perception of love limited to romantic and conjugal love!I categories love into four – 1) Parental love, 2) Children Love, 3) Conjugal Love/ Romantic Love, and 4) Sibling love ( bother’s and sister’s love)! Together four types of love makes TRUE LOVE.
When issue arises, I always say this love definition. It may new. I teach my children also.

My son and daughter become happy to take photo, when I gave them my valentine cake.

February 14th, 2015|