Power of Culture

‘Power of Culture, – Bangladeshi spirit’ is one of my important web work which was designed jointly with Alfred Marseille and Marieke van der Velden on 2002.
Alfred and Marieke are designers and artist lovely couple from the Netherlands. They do media, culture and art activities many countries. I like their artworks and personalities. By working intimately, they become my friend.
Since the web’s growing period, the spirit gallery showcases Bangladeshi art and cultural values in online. We organized a workshop as well in Pathshala. Many photographers contributed their nice photographs in this project.
During this project, I got the opportunity to work closely many famous artists and organizations of Bangladesh particularly with Alam bhai ( Shahidul Alam ) and Rahnuma apa. I learned many creative web techniques and philosophical views, especially from Alfred. I was deeply motivated by this project, particularly on ‘culture and development’ issues which still remain.
Alfred and Marique run Zeezeilen (http://www.zzln.nl/) in Amsterdam.
Website of ‘Bangladeshi Spirit’ still alive in online. http://www.powerofculture.nl/…/speci…/bangladesh/spirit.html
June 2nd, 2017|