Life changing technology : my visions and experiences

Happiness and joy is the purpose of life and works through loving and serving other. My research finding, there is only one way to get happiness by implementation of subjective desire to object partners. However, it is difficult to get and or make the ideal object partner for executing the plans, visions

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Adivasi Cultural Festival

Hamni Hiki Bangladeshi , was the first performance by an Oraon young group in the festival. This three days annual festival organised by SEHD (Society for Environment and Human Development) that was inaugurated by Kumudini Hajong, a famous woman leader of the historic Tanka Movement at 4:00pm of 20 March at National

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Japanese village view and reality

1. There is a great similarity between Bangladeshi and Japanese village. The villagers are very simple in mind, emotional to take care guest with the total heart. When I was going to the village, I could not understand from the car, where I am; in town or village. I thought I am

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Sonargaon, the ancient capital of Bangladesh

onargaon, the ancient capital of Bengal. The historic name Sonargaon came from the pre-Muslim periodic ancient that of Suvarnagrama, after being occupied it by Muslim ruler. Presently, it is the name of an upazila in the Narayanganj district. The ‘golden village’ (Sonargaon) is now a township about 27 kilometers to the southeast

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Sakura and Krishnochura

There is great similarly between Sakura (Cherry Blossoms in Japan) and Krishnochura (Flower of Bangladesh). But the Krishnochura is not widely spread of Bangladesh as like as Cherry Blossoms in Japan, but more beautiful. In Japan special Cherry take care and planted by the government and community, but in Bangladesh not so.

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Roja (fasting) and iftar

In the Arabic month Ramadan the world Muslim community compulsorily do month long fasting, don’t take food in the day time, led the life with spiritual devotion and pray. This system known as Roja, (seam, or self control). The literal meaning of Ramadan is escape the food, but the inner meaning is

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Fishing in the flood land

In the year of 2004, almost the whole country was under water. The land becomes sea, crops damaged, houses broken, people went to the highland, but life cannot stop in a catastrophic flood situation. As usual, one person is fishing in floodwater at a remote area of Sylhet, a northeastern district of

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