Do as I Like

The break down of love and relationships is the most serious problem in the present world. We are all longing for happiness, but if we don’t know what happiness is how can really be happy? I asked many people for their opinions on happiness. Nobody could give me a clear and satisfactory

July 11th, 2004|

Dhaka city and the environment

Dhaka, the capital, is in the heart of Bangladesh, is the largest and historical city of the country. More than twelve million people live in this busy city. The rickshaws with their ornate decorations and imaginative hand paintings have a special place in Dhaka city’s transport. It is known not only as

June 25th, 2004|

The glory of language

A language is not just combination of words or phonetics. It is the history of a tribe or a nation; result of thousand years of experiences, glorious lifestyles, and means of communication as well as the expression of a people’s heart, which precedes civilization. We can hold, express, and develop the tangible

May 30th, 2004|

Living for the sake of others

“When I remember the faces of those starving street children, I cannot eat anymore. I cannot stop my tears when I walk along the street of slum near the Sheraton Hotel. They eat only 2 times a day. With necked feet they play, run and sell flowers during traffic jams in Kazi

May 17th, 2004|

The newmedia reality in Bangladesh

Language forms the biggest barrier to computer literacy in Bangladesh, and when less than 15% of the population has access to electricity, and a far smaller fraction owns computers, it is clear that only the wealthy will have access to this technology. Here, a modem costs more than a cow. Yet this

February 21st, 2004|

Unity saving the people, unity saving the nation.

The whole world is moving to establish the peace and happiness, and fighting with the degradation of human values! In this situation 'New Media', the Internet can provide all the facts to prevent confusion; and can gives clear guidance for the betterment of individuals and leadership based on true love, responsibility and

February 11th, 2004|