Newmedia leadership and youth participation in Bangladesh

July 30th, 2008|

Countrywide 459 blasts in 63 districts within 30 minutes at August 17, 2005 have made a black scene in Bangladesh history. With this terrorism was involved mostly marginalized grassroots youth, are innocent believers and have no clear concept about the

Bangladeshi Farmers Adapt to Climate Changes

June 10th, 2008|

DHAKA, Apr 16 (OneWorld) – Although illiterate Bangladeshi villagers don’t know the climate change lingo, many have shown an awareness of the situation, using local knowledge to innovate and adapt to the natural changes.

Constant fighting with poverty and floods are

Culture of unity : The way of new development

March 11th, 2006|

`For a long time culture was considered an obstacle to development. Art was a luxury, reserved for the elite. And artists were irrelevant when it came to achieving ambitious development objectives. The priorities were limited to water pumps, dams, food,

Inspiring rural youth and children

November 30th, 2005|

First Grassroots Educational Video Festival in Bangladesh, 23-30 August, 2005

The idea of the ‘Grassroots Video Festival’ came from the vision to involve and inspire the rural people particularly the grassroots youth leaders and children and to convey basic information which

News Makes Development: Mission to Multimedia Journalism

November 12th, 2005|

Countrywide 459 blasts in 63 districts within 30 minutes at 17th August 2005 has made a black scene of Bangladesh history. With this terrorism was mostly involved misguided grassroots youth, are militants and innocent believers, have no clear concept about

Democratising force of ICT : ICT and Human Rights Promotion in Bangladesh

October 21st, 2005|

ICT, specially Internet, used in collaboration with human rights activism, creates virtual alternative tunnels for the free flow of uncensored information. It has opened up the golden gate for human rights promotion in Bangladesh.
The whole world is heartrending to

One info centre in one village

October 20th, 2004|

Digital divide between urban and rural, poor and rich is prominent in Bangladesh. Telecom Infrastructure in Bangladesh 700,000 fixed lines (90% in service). The Telephone density is 0.5 lines per 100 populations. The lowest average telephone density of the world