News Makes Development: Mission to Multimedia Journalism

Countrywide 459 blasts in 63 districts within 30 minutes at 17th August 2005 has made a black scene of Bangladesh history. With this terrorism was mostly involved misguided grassroots youth, are militants and innocent believers, have no clear concept about the modern World, faith and life style. General finding, this incidence is not cause, is the result. It happened because we could not educate and trainup the fallen as universal minded for encounter the fanaticism, hate-ism, prejudices and ignorance. The crude reality in the Bangladesh is – majority people don’t have yet minimum access to basic life information. The youth and children grow up without knowing; and living in high risk of invisible conflict (sometime exposed ), HIV/AIDS as well as in degradation of human values. This is time to initiate moving, “Saving Youth, Saving Nation”.

Living this time, we keenly feel to make a steps for change. We would like to contribute for root out the misunderstandings and anti-development forces by media education, proper information and news dissemination. With this vision “UnnayanNews ” has started this new mission and working form, that is “Launching Bangladesh First Development Multimedia Journal”. We believe only one news can makes unrepresented development by making revelation in heart. Initially it will be published once every three months covering important development and human rights issues.

Even though, there is a limitation in internet speed and access less than 1%, but we belive “UnnayanNews” initiative will make a milestone for multimedia and online journalism in Bangladesh. The specialty of the UnnayanNews is to focus on people oriented development and democratic participation beyond controversial political aspects. Along with Bangladeshi matters it will cover common South Asian issues also.

In other word, our strategy is to effective use of new-media opportunity for rising the global consciousness for development. We would like to also go forward with the vision of United Nations to establish information society and povertlyless “ New World” by 2015. Five years for MDGs and 50 years for Universal Human Rights establishment have already passed; but still now more than 95% Bangladeshi don’t know the Goals and Rights. With founding spirit, “UnnayanNews” surely will do advocacy, multimedia coverage and research to reach in a dignified level.

On the eve of WSIS and SAARC summit the first issues, “South Asian Voice” very relevant. My prayerful desires national and development leaders’ gathering both in Dhaka and Tunis will look ultimate goals, common and high prosperity beyond the limited self interests with communal spirit for a golden future. It should had to cover more matters of the regional issues. But due to our resource and time limitation we could not wide the efforts, even could not touch Maldives’ reality ! To represent board social reality and core situation of lands within limited arrangement, we have focused only digital divide and information rights.

We are sorry, considering Southern countries low Internet speed, we have used video clips low in size. Some case it has lost the quality of video and sound. Wish in near future we will be able to overcome this limitations.

November 12, 2005

November 12th, 2005|