Types of human character

Based on OK and NOT Ok, psychologically human characters are four types. To make life happy and good, we need to know ourselves and stand in right position as our best. There is no option to escape and on self-justification, if we really love our life and the society.

Since boyhood my vision and mission to express myself in writing and artwork. Every day I try and think to do something new and good, after finishing my bills payment jobs!

Still, I could not finish 10% of my plan. But I hope on my mission. I don’t have the objection as I can not finish my lot of works. I am satisfied at least I could discover myself in the human characters analysis journey along with busy family life.

After finish, my university education, from the year 1996 my thinking on the story making become easy, when I studied the human transnational analysis.

I understand now there are many types characters in our society. All are unique and different, although we are all physically almost same! I enjoy, why and when, the person becomes superior, inferior, sadist and hopeless etc!

As I can understand the root cause of conflicts and dimentions of relationships mostly, I become sensitive when I go to near a person. I try to save the people from suffering, at least from the ‘lack of love’ and ‘loneliness’ for unwanted reasons, consciously or unconsciously.

Good things, my realization, everybody of the world want to do something good in life and society. My conclusion, If we are all can become ‘I AM Ok, YOU ARE OK’ in character, thinking, and relationship, the life and society can become good and peaceful easily.

(জীবনের এই ফুল বাগানে অনেক রকমের ফুল! এসো ফুলকে চিনি, ফুলকে বুঝি, জীবনকে সুন্দর করে সাজাই… )

অক্টোবর ২৮th, ২০১৭|