Tokuwa Matsuri

As like as other JapaneseTokuwa Matsuri (festival) has also spiritual and social aspects liked with Okura Jinja, Tokuwa, Sado. As the common practices of Japanese festival, in Kopuwa Matsuri also ‘Mikoshi’ ( Portable Shrine) has been used. ‘Oni Daiko’ ( demon dance) also performed but different in style. I have captured in video and photo of the steps of celebration and rituals.

By reading a book on ‘Mikoshi’, I become interested on the unique design of Mikoshi. Japanese consider, Mikoshi is ‘House of God’. God travels in whole community during festival celebration. However, there is a similarity between ‘Roth of Rothyatra’ and Mikoshi. However, Mikoshi is smaller like ‘Pulki’ and carry from Jinja (main shrine) to community by devotees. The whole body of Mikoshi has been designed with gold or gold like metal and fabric with mysterious motifs. Each part of Mikoshi has special meaning.

September 15th, 2015|