The funeral of a fish!

June 17th, 2017|

About a year before my son, 'Koon' bought a goldfish (Kinggo) couple from a fair. He takes care the fish at the aquarium regularly. Today last one died! In the morning, my sleep was broken with children cry! - 'Shingata', 'Shngata'! ( Died, Died...) Listening to son's cry in the early morning, I was shocked! I thought someone might die! I quick come down! Son cried and said, - Father,

Golden Dream // সোনালীর সোনালী স্বপ্ন

June 14th, 2017|

  Ruma Parvin ( Sonali), a teacher of Al-Fallah pre-primary school in Geneva camp, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her school room very small with 8 square feet size only, but having the big vision to save the children from child labor, street (tokaigiri), poverty, however from the curse of 'By born refugee' by educating them. In person, she also is a camp dweller ( so-called stagnant Pakistani in Bangladesh ) but has

New Hope

June 6th, 2017|Tags: , |

"Hope and determination make development" Sabbir (7), a stranded Pakistani refugee boy lives in slum-like Geneva camp. He goes to Shurovi slum-school; and determined not to be a child labor like elder brother 'Redoie' (12), who works in a restaurant as a servant. His father is a barber, everyday struggles with poverty social dignity as by born Bangladeshi. Sabbir's mother appreciates his vision to be an educated person. As the

ভালোবাসা কারে কয়?

June 5th, 2017|

বাংলায় ভালোবাসা মানেই রুমান্টিকতাকে বুঝনোর চেষ্টা করার হয়, যা আমি একেবারেই মানতে রাজি নই। স্কুলে পড়া কালে আমি আমার এক বন্ধুুকে জিজ্ঞাসা করেছিলাম, - দোস্ত ভালোবাসা বলতে কি বুঝ? সে বলেছিল, - শরমের ব‍্যাপার!... সেই সময় থেকেই আমার শরমের সূচনা! এমন শরম পেতাম, বিশ্ববিদ‍্যালয় পর্যন্ত মৌওলনা স‍্যারের পরামর্শের প্রিজোডিস ছিল! বুক ধরফরানি ভয় ছিল! ভালোবাসা তো দূরের কথা - নারীর দিকে তাকাতেও চাইতাম না! মানুষ হয়ে মানুষকে এড়িয়ে চলার কষ্ট,

আলোর দিশারী // Light of the Light

June 3rd, 2017|

- Street photography experience in Japan and Bangladesh.   During return from Dhaka to Sado home, I met this woman on the ship. While I was asking permission to take a portrait, I thought, I will get the common answer, "Hajukashi..( I feel shy), Dame, Dame (please don't take)..". But this woman cordially agreed like a Bangladeshi. I captured quickly few shots for my 'Japan Portrait' series.   During photographing


June 2nd, 2017|

The bevy of seagulls flies together with moving ship during travel from Sado Island to mainland Japan. The travelers pass leisure time by playing and giving food the birds. As the response, the birds also show flying performances while catching the food, that creates happiness and enjoyable journey with loving, serving and understanding each other. I was excited to the photograph of unity moment of bird and human during caught

Power of Culture

June 2nd, 2017|Tags: , |

'Power of Culture, - Bangladeshi spirit' is one of my important web work which was designed jointly with Alfred Marseille and Marieke van der Velden on 2002.   Alfred and Marieke are designers and artist lovely couple from the Netherlands. They do media, culture and art activities many countries. I like their artworks and personalities. By working intimately, they become my friend.   Since the web's growing period, the spirit

I have dreams

June 1st, 2017|

Starting new month with love! Wife made this morning pancake with fresh cream and own cultivated strawberry. As the time has been started with love, the golden gate may open soon to be a billionaire soon. Inside my billionaire mind, I have three BIG DREAMS! 1) I would change myself before change others. 2) I would like to be a famous by loving and serving others beyond the tricks and

রাক্কুল সাধু

May 31st, 2017|Tags: |

রাক্কুল সাধু, একজন বহেমিয়ান! আবহমান বাংলার মুখ, মুদ্রার অন‍্য পিঠ! দেখা হয়েছিল তার সাথে, কমলাপুর রেল ষ্টেশনে!   ঝুলিতে তার ময়লা কাপড় আর ঝরে পড়া চুলের জট! জটওয়ালা এই সাধুর সঙ্গে কথা বলার চেষ্ঠা করেছিলাম। এমন এলোমেলো বাক‍্যে কথা বলেছিল বুঝা মুস্কিল। নাম জিজ্ঞাসা করলাম, একেবার একেক নাম বলে। যখন বললাম, হাতে এত আংটি কেন? বললেন, তার রিয়াংসাং রোগ আছে। এক সাধু তাকে আংটি পড়তে বলেছিল, তাই পড়ে...   বাড়ীর