We should not kill ‘Old Media’ by New Media’s floating emotions

Bangladesh like developing nations is floating with the emotions of social media. To get the life-oriented good result for happy life and society, we need to move ahead pragmatically.

Digital new media could not kill the spirit of old media, like books, TV, and DVD etc in Japan. It seems people are rethinking the effective use of the digital opportunity and time. Japanese generally don’t do piracy, copy-paste, emotional browsing; and don’t destroy the business of artists and producer. But Bangladesh is overflowing with the pirating emotions, mostly inherited from India, Fakistan!

Recently I have been motivated by the proper use of new media of Japanese friends. I think it needs to give priority to the old media simultaneously the new media interventions, as still most of the creation expressed and published first in old media formats. We should not root out our past. Root always gives us main strength!

It needs to effective usages of both combinations of old media and new media.

January 2nd, 2018|