Morning walk

এই বরফ শীতের ঠান্ডায় প্রাতঃভ্রমন শরীর ও প্রকৃতিকে এক করে দেয়। শান্তিতে শরীর-মন উল্লাসিত করে। মনেহয় – আসলেই মানুষ প্রকৃতির অংশ। বিশ্বভ্রমান্ড্রের কেন্দ্র!

My wife believes in a book more than me! Many years, I explained the benefits of morning walk for good health and getting much working time in the morning. But she did not motivated! She has workaholic habits, as the common nature of Japanese. Last week she read a book and changed. She reduced work in the night time. She may now understand, ‘Human being is the part of nature. To lead the healthy and cheerful happy life, one need to always touch of nature with unity as much as possible’. From yesterday she has started morning walks. This morning we enjoyed fresh winter air together with lovely daughter Anika.

ফেব্রুয়ারি ১৩th, ২০১৭|