First birth day of Koon.

21 October 2012 is the first birthday of ”Koon’, the youngest son of mine. He was born in Sado Island just after our eviction from Fukushima by the atomic radiation disaster.

When he was in womb, just the day of Misuzu san’s arrival with children from Bangladesh in Narita airport, the tsunami was happen! I was worried, as I could not communicate from Dhaka for four days with them! After tsunami the atomic radiation was started! The situation was horrible! To save the children and baby in womb, in absence of mine Misuzu san looked a safe place over whole Japan! After many searching at last, she was shifted in Sado Island with children!

Koon was born after overcome a number of struggles include shifting from Dhaka for safe-birth, tsunami, delay getting of my visa, atomic radiation, born in home before go to hospital etc. Although there were, happen a number of problems, but God saved his life and born safely within the big grace. Although we don’t have any relative in Sado Island, but the ‘Sado Local Government’ and ‘Kanie Community’ welcome my family just like relatives! We are grateful to the unification’s members as well. In my absence, they took care Coronet and Anika like parents!

Therefore, we have given his name as ‘Koon’. The Japanese word ‘Koon’ means ‘big grace’! We have celebrated today his birthday with humble cake offering and joining in ‘boonka shi’- cultural festival.

October 21st, 2012|