The funeral of a fish!

About a year before my son, ‘Koon’ bought a goldfish (Kinggo) couple from a fair. He takes care the fish at the aquarium regularly. Today last one died! In the morning, my sleep was broken with children cry!
– ‘Shingata’, ‘Shngata’! ( Died, Died…)

Listening to son’s cry in the early morning, I was shocked! I thought someone might die! I quick come down! Son cried and said,
– Father, our fish died’!…

I consolated, and understood son’s, heart! Over a year he took care the fish like a family member!
After a moment while I wanted to clean the aquarium, and wanted to through the fish outside! Koon did not permit. He wants to buried after the funeral! I was surprised to know his wish.
– Fish’s funeral?…Ok, you can do if you want!
Together with me, he brought the fish in the crop field. During buried, when I said, it is needed to pray!

Koon said, “You can do. I think it is not necessary to pray for fish, because, fish is innocent and did not do any sin! Surely he will go heaven and will live with God in peace!.’

I was surprised by listening 5 years old boy’s views! “Pray is needed for the sinner, not for all!”

Just after brought, a few days later male fish died. That one also Koon floated in the water flow of the channel, did not permit to throw!

Japan has the culture to the funeral of the pet animal. Many Japanese spend much for the this, especially pretty, however rich girls.

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