Dangdut is an Indonesian folk and traditional popular music. In 2008 I was surprised to enjoy such open dance and song in Muslim dominant conservative Indonesia. After watching it, I was interested in learning Indonesian culture and society. Indonesia although havinng muslim majority, but a mixed culture society with many tribal practices.
I got a clear idea about Indonesian culture in the presentation of Kalinga Seneviratne at AMIC conference in Manila on the ‘Popular Culture of South East Asia’.
The supper hits Hindi movie ‘Dum’s song and dance concept had been taken from Dangdut performance.
It is true, the indigenous performing art has the power to inspire and entertain the audience. Bangladesh has over 36 languages and tribes, who have own songs, music and way performance. If the indigenous culture come in the mainstream practices with the modern form, can be quickly popular by touching the heart of majority audience.
World famous composer AR Rahman says, the secret of his unique and touchy song is, following the retheme of tribal music. He has huge world unknown folk collection. Before composing any song, he listens world-folks randomly, and formulate own idea with inspiration.
Once I was interested to work on the performance Bangladeshishi tribe.
July 30th, 2017|