Atomic refugee!

Japan has the ability to replace atomic plants with life and environmental friendly alternative energy generators! Majority people also demand for safe source, but government doesn’t hear and care for unknown reasons! Many of my friends say, Japanese government is very democratic, but silence on the issue as it is linked with black world of Uranium business and geopolitics! Personally, my family is Atomic victims. We are evicted from Fukushima after radiation to safe children life and health from atomic-harms! Now we are living in Sado! My youngest son, ‘Koon’ becomes by born refugee! Although we do not have economic and shelter crisis, but have invisible suffering! It is a big tragedy to live without relatives and friends after-left own house as ‘atomic refugee’. I keenly feel bad on the living of relatives with risks and atomic-fear in Fukushima! The Parents-in-laws do not want to left house in old age! As there is no alternative, now we are living in Island and trying to be citizen of Sado-shi, Niigata, Japan.

April 11th, 2015|