statement2Shahjahan Siraj is an international award winning multimedia professional, with scores of documentary film making, web design, photography and teaching with fifteen years of experience. Siraj was born in Mymensing, Bangladesh; studied geological science at Jahangirnagar University in 1995.

Shahjahan Siraj has multidimensional and multicultural work experiences, in Teaching at University of Liberal Arts ( ULAB), Team Leading at Drik Multimedia, Creative Executive at AVCom, AV Consultancy at FFWP, Multimedia Designing at Soft Works before establishing his diversified multimedia production house. In 2005, Siraj has founded the social venture ‘Machizo’ that works from Bangladesh and Japan on web design, media art, photography and audiovisual production for NGOs, development agencies, companies, and NPO ( Non-Profit Organization) worldwide.

Towards a better world, Shahjahan Siraj practices keenly the UN human rights norms. He believes – State should resemble a family. It should be operated with family values to establish democracy, human rights truly. The leaders should play the parental role for citizen and society to achieve freedom, peace, equity and happiness.

He has served over 140 NGOs, organizations and creative individuals with his team. For professional and family purpose he visits Japan regularly since 2005. Watching unprecedented development in Japanese society, he is inspired to see the vision for a developed Bangladesh resemble Japan. All human being is equal and having enormous potentiality. A devoted person can change the society if there is true love and public motivations as he believes.

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